A Very Special Filler Material : SINGING KITTIES

October 30, 2009 at 1:08 am (Uncategorized)

This is a blatant attempt for me to procrastinate. I will be putting up some reviews later…Until then!


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Hot New Jams!!!: Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”, Adam Lambert “Time for Miracles”, Britney Spears “3”, Rihanna “Russian Roulette”

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Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

You and me could write a bad romance…

Oh it’s that time! With the success of ‘The Fame’ Lady Gaga is now releasing singles for the re-release of the album entitled ‘The Fame Monster’. While the album will contain all of the songs that originally appeared on ‘The Fame’, Monster will also include an entire second disc’s worth of new music.

The first single to come out of this is ‘Bad Romance’.

Have a listen:

While I love everything Gaga releases to be objective I will start with what I think may be the issues with this single:

It isn’t anything different from what we have previously heard from her, content or music-wise. I imagine that after a while it could become a bit stagnant like ‘Just Dance’. They will play it to death at the club.

Truthfully, as much of Lady Gaga’s weirdness as I am willing to put up with in music and life I just don’t like the random gibberish at the beginning and the ending of this song. It’s slightly cheesy and really distracting.

Having gone over the negatives, the positives are that this song is just dead catchy. I do like the lyrics. It’ll be something played in the car at top volume. Something about the beat, as with most Gaga songs, just gets to something primitive in people. While club playout is highly possible, it’s also an extremely dance-oriented song.

Final Verdict: It’s disposable pop at its best. Lady Gaga came out of nowhere and owned. This will be a hit. I love the song. I have a feeling it’s something that I will get tired of quick but will eventually end up coming back to when the mood hits me. Loves it.

Time for Miracles by Adam Lambert

Okay, when Adam Lambert was on American Idol I literally went off my nut. Being a lesbian and a huuuuge Glam Rock fan it just set my soul aflame that there was a gay man with golden vocal chords coming into the music biz.

And no one can deny that this man has some sweet, sweet vocals. Being a vocalist my entire life I have respect for that. Now this song does show off his talents.

I do have a few issues with it. Mainly, my biggest issue is the 80s hair band feel that certain parts of this song evoke. My other issue is that this song is in the ads for the 2012 movie. Reading the lyrics I’m not sure why. “Maybe it’s time for miracles, ’cause I ain’t giving up on love” well okay. Lyricist needs to be fired.

As a standalone I think this song would make a lot more sense. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I feel his abilities are cheapened by attaching his voice to a movie, it’s something I would have liked to have heard on his album which drops on November 24th from what I have read.

Not to say that this song doesn’t have beautiful, epic crescendos that only Adam could pull off. I really do enjoy the song. The vehicle it comes in? Not so much.

Final Verdict: This one may not be blasted in the car so much but it may be leveling small houses through my headphones. This man, in my opinion, has the best voice in the business right now. I think once he refines the direction he wants to go with it there will be no one who can compete with him. This song has some great moments. It’s passable lyrics-wise. If you can ignore that it’s on the soundtrack for a cheesy apocalypse movie it’s definitely a win.

3 by Britney Spears

Are you in? Living in sin is the new thing.

Okay, after a pretty far fall Britney Spears came back with the Circus album and rocked everyone’s socks off with her pop-diva-rock-crazy-awesomeness. Who knew she had it in her?

Well, whoever she has producing and writing for her deserves some gold stars. With her charisma and songs like “3” we won’t be seeing the end of Britney any time soon.

Other than the repetitive lyrics there is really nothing at all wrong with this song. It doesn’t pretend to be anything that it isn’t. It’s a bubbly pop song with a great beat. Short review cause it is what it is.

Final Verdict: Sure, why not? Blast this from the car, dance to it on the dance floor. It holds nothing back. It’s great pop. Period. Good to have Britney in the game if this is the type of stuff she’s going to be giving us.

Russian Roulette by Rihanna

***Hot New Jam Of The Month***

I love Rihanna but I was sort of sideswiped by this one. Sideswiped because she is SO PRESENT. Her voice just resounds here. You can tell she’s in it. There were parts of this song that actually scared me. She could be singing about an emotional or literal death. There’s a surprising amount of material behind the lyrics. Fear, loss, depression, determination, terror, hope…

This song has a bit of a cathartic affect if you actually listen to it. The first time I heard it I wasn’t really listening. Then I heard it again and I have to say, having been a victim of abuse it almost like there was this helplessness and at the same time this determination to survive the worst of situations. It conveys all of this without dipping into the melodramatics of some of her songs in the past.

This single off her fourth studio album ‘Rated R’ will be released on November 23rd.

I’m terrified but I’m not leaving, know that I must pass this test, so just pull the trigger…

Final Verdict: Yes. This.

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Comics Review: Azrael #1, Superman/Batman #65, DCU Halloween Special ’09

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Comic’s Wednesday was just wet and miserable here in Denton. I was really hyped up about the releases today so I left early to eat at IHOP. Then I made my way over to the Courthouse Square where my favorite comic’s retailer, Keith’s Comics, is located.

It opens at exactly 12pm on Wednesday’s and since I have dropped out and become unemployed I have all the Nerdy Bum Officiale time to arrive right when the key hits the lock, effectively also making myself look like a huge creeper.

Of course on the cold wet day I arrive early. Cellphone-less, computer-less and unwilling to walk the extra block to the coffee shop due to my massive migraine.

It was well worth the time I spent hanging out in the grandma boutiques being looked at like a crazy drifter to hit the door first. They only had one issue of my pick of the week which I will get to. First, I will be reviewing:

Azrael #1


Written by Fabian Nicieza, penciled by Ramon Bachs and inked by John Stanici I think that this, for a first issue, can be summed up by one word: potential.

I think because of the religious aspect it may get a mixed reception. I found myself wanting to read more at the end of it.

The art in this issue was consistent and detailed. No complaints there.

We have the character of Michael Lane who is announced to be the wearer of The Suit of Sorrows and calls himself Azrael whose character becomes more fleshed out as the issue continues.

It was clear in both the Batman and Detective annuals that this is a man with ambiguous goals, someone who may swoop in to save the day, take a life or both. He is no Batman. We do get a Batman cameo in this issue.

Overall this introduces us to the man, we begin to see a bit of what his motivation is and the people with whom he surrounds himself while in and out of the suit.

Not to give too much away but he does have a connection to the period in which Batman was absent. It’s suggested that his journey may have began during that time.

While the storytelling is smooth, one would have to wonder about the flash six months into the the future that is shown. If someone decides not to follow the story, this could also easily be the cause of it. Was that really necessary? Personally, I wonder what the future is really going to bring for Michael Lane. Is it what was pictured at the end of this issue? Or is there more to the story?

Personally, seeing the level of potential in what has been written already I would lean towards the latter.

Final Verdict: Tight art, interesting story and something that just makes a person want to know more about the character of Azrael is what will keep me buying this. Overall a seamless transition into the Gotham lore.

Definitely a BUY! not DIE!

OH MY LAWD usupidvampire’s Pick of the Week

Superman/Batman #65


Yes, this is pick of the week. This is the comic they only had one issue of that made proud to be that creeper who stands out in the pouring rain waiting for the shop to open JUST TO GET THIS.

Superman/Batman #65 “Sweet Dreams” written by Peter Johnson and Matt Cherniss, art by Brian Stelfreeze, Brian Haberlin, Kelly Jones Joe Quinones and Frederico Dallochio is AWESOME.

Okay so the DC website described it as being something like a romp through the minds of Superman, Batman, The Joker and Lex Luthor as they experience their worst nightmares. In this case literally.

There is such a large amount of brilliance in this tiny volume that it’s hard to describe without picking it apart piece by piece. We always wonder about the motivations of these four characters and for some reason seeing what terrifies them the most may give the biggest insight into what makes them tick.

I won’t give what the nightmares were away but I can tell you that Batman’s actually scared me. It was that freaky. The rest were insightful but still a bit predictable.

I love the illustration in this issue. It’s a teensy bit inconsistent and I just have to say…Superman is pretty on the last few panels. I wish that whatever artist contributed those illustrations had also worked on his dream sequence. You can’t always get what you want.

Oh well, there wasn’t anything in particular that jumped out at me as particularly horrid in the art so it’s all good in the hood.

One of the best parts in the last panel where you see the nightmare of the villain who caused the main nightmarish debacle in the first place. I laughed. The “Happy Halloween” in the bottom right hand corner of that panel tied it up nicely.

Final Verdict: If you are a fan of Superman or Batman YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS NOW. NOW. NOW. GO TO THE STORE. GO TO THE INTERNET. JUST GET IT. This is one of the best things I’ve ever invested my money in for $2.99. Put on your big person underwear and get it if you don’t already own it.

DCU Halloween Special ’09


Okay, I’m not sure where to start with this. I think I will just break it down into individual short-thoughts about the better stories in here.

Have to say first of all I love the Bizzaro World opening and closing for this volume. It was cute and it worked well.

Guy Gardner in Tales of the Corps: Halloween: The Guy Way! I liked this Green Lantern short. It shows Gardner cooking up some first-class Halloween mischief on Oa. It’s fun watching his “party rules” interspersed with some pretty serious flashback scenes. I really enjoyed it though I don’t regularly follow the Green Lantern plots.

Seeing is Believing: A Tale of the Outsiders This story kind of jumps around. I’m not really sure what is going on here. I like some of the individual characters. Again, I don’t follow The Outsiders. The art was consistent but the story was just too disconnected for me to care too much. Maybe fans will like this one better.

Batman in Halloween Past and Trick Defeat Oh yay! A Bruce Wayne story. I really liked this one. Bruce Wayne holds a Halloween Party at the mansion. Alfred informs him that Dick is out trick or treating instead of doing his homework and that his costume is a surprise! Of course the party is crashed and Batgirl and Robin show up to save the day dressed as…Well, just read it!

Robin in Halloween Present: Cavity Search Oh Damien, special Damien. He goes out and tracks down a bad guy dentist (Sugar Tooth) and stops him from removing people’s teeth. Then he does something special. I really enjoyed this one but…Damien. Oh Damien…Hah.

Red Robin in Then and Now: Our Father’s Sins This one had a lot of squandered potential. Red Robin visits both Bruce’s and his father’s graves. He then travels to a place we are assuming is in Mexico for The Day of the Dead. RANT ALERT: Both times that The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) is written in this segment it’s written as Day of Dead (Dia de Muertos). A writer didn’t do their homework. It’s sort of insulting when someone like me, who isn’t even fluent in Spanish, picks up on that. A lot of this just made me feel like Bruce was psychotic. In the bad way. Then it backtracks and confuses within it’s few pages. Not a fan of this considering the single issue Red Robin’s are so good. This was just a trainwreck, in my opinion.

Kid Flash in Mirror Games I tried to care but this plot felt tired.

Wonder Woman in Haunted or Hoax? The art here was so nice. It was a typical Halloween story but it passed muster. Bonus points for mentions of reality TV ghost shows.

Superman & Flash in To The Finish Line A race between Superman and The Flash with heroes and villains betting on the sidelines. Good art, loved the surprise ending. Such a perfect Halloween kid’s story.

Superman in My Turn To Be Scary… Okay, you just have to see who Clark and Lois are dressed as to know this is going to be golden. Premise is a haunted office tour. Superman cooks up some scares. I love his comment about Batman. Traditional scary story ending. Good stuff.

Final Verdict: Hits are hits and misses are…bad. The hits are probably worth forking over the money and there are a lot of mini-stories that I didn’t cover. This may be something you want to leaf through before purchasing if your wallet has fallen on hard times.

So I made my way out of Keith’s, head pounding, and I discovered The Chestnut Tree Garden Tea Room. I bought a hot chamomile tea. The rain continued to fall and I considered what I would write for this review. All in all this was a pretty good Wednesday. You can look forward to a retroview of Batman: The Dark Knight returns sometime later this week.

Tomorrow, I’ll have some new song reviews for you. Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!

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Humanitarian Highlight: Heifer International

October 20, 2009 at 5:06 pm (charities) ()

What am I going to be giving people for Christmas this year? Well, my grandparents are getting a flock of ducks, my mother will be putting a share into buying a pig and my father will do the same for a sheep. No one I know lives on a farm (even though they act like they were raised on one most of the time).

My average family member.

My average family member.

They will be receiving cards for Christmas thanking them for the contribution to a charity called Heifer International.

Now I’m no sucker. This money isn’t going into someone’s dirty pockets. This organization is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity and is a Hilton Humanitarian Prize winner. So it’s fairly certain you can put your buck here without being cheated out of it.

Heifer International has a longterm goal of building sustainable communities to end poverty and hunger in the less McDonald’s-oriented parts of the world. They also have initiatives towards agroeconomy education, animal well-being, gender equity, HIV-AIDS programs, microenterprises, urban agricuture as well as a young people’s initiative.

One thing I particularly like is the practical approach that is taken to regional issues. They involve women in local agriculture projects through their WiLD Women initiative. WiLD standing for Women in Livestock Development.

All of their programs accept donations and there are multiple ways to help fundraise for the various projects that they have going on worldwide.

So, if you have a group or class or church which wants to do something cool for the Holidays or if you just don’t know what to get someone you can always make a contribution to Heifer International in their honor.

And yes, you can actually buy a heifer. Or at least buy a share in one.


Click Here To Give A Meaningful Gift From Heifer International

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Game Review: Elder Scrolls:Oblivion (Xbox360, PS3, PC)

October 20, 2009 at 5:17 am (video games) ()

Okay, a lot of people are probably wondering why I would start a blog with a review of a game that’s been out for a few years. There is a simple answer: IT FRICKIN’ ROCKS. I mean like, I would recommend to people who don’t have a video game system to go buy one and buy this game and play it. It’s just that good. Like, stranded on a desert island and you could only take one video game good.

I have spent over 180 hours playing this game:


And clearly it has improved my life, as pictured above. (Um, ladies and gentlegeeks that’s old armor so don’t hate.)

I haven’t even started the main quest. Yes, 180 and no main. There are various random quests that you can fulfill in the OBLIVION of towns and cities that exist in this game. Not to mention the guilds.

You have the Dark Brotherhood, a guild which consists of contract killers (my personal favorite), the Mage’s Guild, the Fighter’s Guild, the Thieves’ Guild (another favorite) and the Arena Team. You can literally spend hours upon hours doing quests for these guilds, as I have.

Get yo’self pimped out before you get to the main quest, I always say.

Since I am crazy I play as an archer but with as customizable as this game’s character attributes are you could be a dagger using alchemist with some gangsta sneaking and thieving skills.

Unlike most games in which I actually manifest a conscience into my characters I find it is quite easy to kill the shopkeeper and sell the goods illegally afterwards in Oblivion. Poor shopkeeper. That is one of the many charming things about this game.

My one complaint? You can’t have relations with characters. I mean, you can buy a house so why no husband or wife? I love that feature in Fable II (where I force myself to be a super good girl…I have one wife and good Lord am I faithful to that nag, she keeps asking me for more money!)

Well, I guess if I had to complain about something else it would be the horse riding feature. It sucks. Kill the horses. Whatever.

Still, there is nothing keeping me from saying that this is a beautiful, ambient, awesome game that I will be playing looooong past it’s expiration date.

Oh yes, and you can be made Vampire in this game…but that comes with it’s own set of challenges and attributes.


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